Once in a Lifetime

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Tailor Made

Our goal is to show you the country’s endless beauties, offer you assistance, suggestions, advice and insights to personalize your trips and itineraries according to your unique interests.

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Group Tours

As group tours are becoming increasingly popular, our tour planners are getting more eager to share their passion and expertise in group travel and impart their extensive knowledge and insights in Greece to each and every one of your clients.

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Educational Tours

Greece is a live museum with ancient history and civilization rising in every corner, with world renowned archeological sites, attractions, and a rich cultural heritage whose influence can be seen around the world.

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(Management Incentive Conferences Exhibition)

We organize and plan tailored and original corporate meetings and events, incentives and itineraries enriched with experiential activities that can be selectively chosen to inspire and liven up your visit in Greece.

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Individual Travelers

Individual travelers have the freedom to travel at their own pace and convenience.

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Cruises & Shore excursions

Greece is bordered by the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea. No trip to Greece can be considered complete without a boat trip or cruise to the most cherished sites of the country, being at an island or at a group of islands, a hidden cove or a lacy shoreline with turquoise waters.

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Luxury Travel

Catering to travelers accustomed to a refined and luxurious lifestyle we are eager to create the most indulging and rewarding luxury travel experiences.

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Special Interests

We are always prepared to introduce the more adventurous souls to a different side of Greece.