A fresh and exclusive aproach to group tours


As group tours are becoming increasingly popular, our tour planners are getting more eager to share their passion and expertise in group travel and impart their extensive knowledge and insights in Greece to each and every one of your clients. Greece is a country with a rich history, culture, heritage, and tradition, with myths and legends dating back centuries. Together we can travel back in time, unravel the secrets of the past and beauties of the present and enjoy an experiential journey through Greece. We organize all kinds of group tours to meet the needs and preferences including sightseeing bus tours and coach trips, coach tours, group travel tours, sightseeing tours, boat tours and weekend tours to nearby islands or other beautiful parts of the mainland. As your local partner our aim is to treat groups with individual attention and show them the country’s most renowned sights and attractions from a more empirical point of view.


Tours in Greece


We offer a great deal of bus tours in Greece, escorted by highly experienced guides that will go out of their way to ensure that travellers will have an enjoyable, safe and rewarding experience. From the north of the country and the city of Thessaloniki to the gorgeous mainland and beautiful region of the Peloponnese with the charming villages of Epidaurus and Mystras all the way to the Greek islands get ready to explore the most magical landscapes, gorges, rivers and plateaus, forests and mountains, scenic villages, vibrant cities and seaside towns, picturesque monasteries and churches, farms, vineyards, and gastronomic hot spots as you travel through Greece.


The bus is the best option to get around when travelling to a foreign country as it gives you the opportunity to see things you wouldn’t see otherwise and make stops at interesting places you’ll find along the way. Hopping on our Athens sightseeing bus will give your clients a better understanding of the city’s vibe and help them get a closer look at the overall way of living, how Athenians move around, where they eat and shop, how they go about their daily activities. Our Athens city tour bus will also transfer them to the city’s most renowned sites and attractions where our professional guide will share with them valuable information and insights, stories, and secrets of historical landmarks. In the same way, travellers discover and explore some of the most exceptional regions of Greece. You simply pick the destination of choice, and we will take care of the rest.


Types of Tours

  • Cultural & Archaeological tours
  • Pilgrims &          Religious tours
  • Agricultural tours
  • Gastronomy       and wine tours
  • Excursions
  • City-breaks
  • Island hopping
  • Holiday hotels
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